The fourth Punk Scholars Network Conference and Post Graduate Symposium

New film project by Roy Wallace – Assembly Required featuring Buzzcocks due for release 2017 – Producer Peter Hough – Sound Design Tony Platt

The fourth Punk Scholars Network Conference and Symposium
The University of Bolton School of the Arts and the Punk Scholars Network

12th and 13th of December 2017

Call for Papers

‘Punk’: Impacting Culture? Influencing change?

Papers and presentations are invited for the fourth Punk Scholars Network conference and postgraduate symposium to be held at The University of Bolton School of the Arts.

According to some, Punk crashed into popular culture in the United Kingdom in year zero, 1976 and crashed out at Wonderland in San Francisco in January 1978.

Is the notion of year zero a myth? Were the seeds of revolution planted not in London in 1976, but in the garages of Detroit or the streets of the Sorbonne in 1968? Was post-punk the authentic manifestation of the DIY ethic?

In 2017 the philosophy and ideology of ‘Punk’ identities remain in rude health and its influence extends to politics, the arts, fashion and culture broadly. It has evolved beyond the limits of its initial incarnation. Where, though do punk’s anti-authoritarian tendencies sit within the academy’s critical investigation of the genre?

The Punk Scholars Network aims to bring together established academics, the next generation of punk scholars, students and practitioners in a supportive colloquial environment which we hope will encourage networking opportunities ideas exchange and foster potential future research collaborations. The programme will consist of keynote speakers, ‘in conversation with’ sessions and thematically-grouped presentation and panel sessions.

Alongside the conference there will be a student exhibition exploring the impact of punk across the arts, including fine art, design, animation, photography, audio, graphics, textiles and fashion.

Indicative Topics include:

•The Punk aesthetic
o Fan Practice in contemporary and historic punk
o Digital media production, distribution and consumption
o Literature, philosophy, art, design and punk
o Musicology
o New genres, aesthetics and confrontations

•Punk production
o Fanzines, new media and the DIY ethic
o Punk painting and photography
o Fashion, aesthetics and pattern, print and politics
o Global cross-pollination of punk art and design
o (Dis-)Archiving punk

•Punk and Society
o Punk and politics
o Histories of punk, nostalgia and collective memory
o Sub-cultures, scenes and tribes
o Punk and the city, suburban punk and regional differences
o Transnational punk
o Punk identity, authenticity and the lived experience
o Punk for sale, representation and commercialisation
o Concepts of independence and DIY cultures

•Punk Politics
o Punk as protest or resistance
o Anarcho-punk
o Sex, gender, race and punk
o Proto- and post-punk movements
o Punk and the academy

Post-graduate and graduate researchers are welcome to present work in progress papers on their PhD thesis, Masters or graduate dissertation. We welcome contributions from all disciplines and perspectives and strongly encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Proposals for paper presentations lasting twenty minutes should be submitted in the form of an abstract of no more than 300 words. All submissions should also include:

• Title of paper/presentation
• Full name, contact details, and where relevant, institutional affiliation
• A 150 word biography for each author
• Presentation requirements

We actively welcome proposals of alternative forms of presentation or performance including but not restricted to video, music, art or poetry. Similarly, innovative, experimental and politically-informed forms of data collection, co-production and analysis are encouraged. All forms of presentation will be considered for inclusion in The Fourth Punk Scholars Network Conference and Symposium based upon fit to the conference themes as well as academic and ethical standards of the contribution.


Close to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, the Conference will be hosted by the School of the Arts at the University of Bolton, arguably the birthplace of Punk in the North and where Buzzcocks played their first gig, 41 years ago, on the 1st of April 1976 at, what was then, Bolton Institute of Technology.

The conference language is English.

Key Dates

31st July 2017: Abstract submission deadline
17th August 2017: Abstract decision sent out
20th September 2017: Draft programme published
9th October 2017: Deadline for full papers/projects for proceedings
6th November 2017: Presenter booking deadline
12-13th December 2017: The fourth Punk Scholars Network conference and symposium

Proposals should be sent as email attachments (in Word or Open office format) to by the 31st July 2017.

The conference programme will be announced in September 2017.

It is our intention that the conference proceedings will be further developed into a book or special edition of a journal.

Conference Committee

Paul Hollins
University of Bolton, School of the Arts |

Leanne Lewis
University of Bolton, School of the Arts |

Jason Rutter
University of Dundee, School of Dentistry |

Pete Dale
Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Contemporary Arts |

Programme for Bolton 2017

Punk Scholars Network Conference 2017 Strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3
12th December 2017
9 9.15 Welcome and Introduction to PSN 17 Professor Paul Hollins / Professor Patrick McGhee
9.15 9.45 First Keynote Presentation The Punk Scholars Network An Intoduction
Punk Aesthetc Chair Punk and Society Chair Punk Production Chair
9.45 10.15 19 Men in Long Black coats 4 Punk is Dead: Criticism and the Work of Mourning 3 Digital Public Zine Archives
10.15 10.45 21 Trust a Hippy – there ain’t no Santa Claus on the evening stage 1 In the Essence of Danny Breed: a journey through punk, mental illness and suicide 54 Punk spirituality; contradictions and synergies in the spiritual development of Punk Rock
10.45 11.15 23 HighWycombe: fracturing the London ‘76 narrative 32 What does Hardcore Mean Anymore? PS37 Subcultural Resistance: Moving Beyond the Modern/Postmodern Schism?
11.15 11.3 Morning Break
Punk Politics Chair Punk & Society Chair Punk and Society Chair
11.3 12 10 The Ageing Experience of Women in the UK who identified with Punk Cultures 16 Arkestra of Wolves: Observations into the practicalities of the self organised large ensemble 40 “Unbeschreiblich Weiblich”: insanity and female sexual excess in the work of Nina Hagen
12 12.3 45 Queering Punk: On Transgender and Queer Punk Zines 35 Anti-Communism in Czech And Slovak Punk Music 41 Compromising rebels and negotiable regulations: Approaches to cultural politics regarding pop music in Socialist Hungary
12.3 1 46 Identities of Resistance: The Interaction Between Punk and Trans Identities in Laura Jane Grace’s Memoir 47 “I’m standing, I’m dancing, I’m fighting”. Polish way form orthodox punk rock to post punk 15 Shutdown: Policing DIY Punk Music Spaces
1 2 Lunch
2 2.4 Second Keynote Presentation Martyn Ware
Punk Politics Chair Punk and Society Chair Punk Prodcution Chair
2.45 3.15 39 sexual imagery/semiotic weaponry and the war on patriarchy by women in the early British punk scen 7 Dislocation of the Music Scene as a Technique of Contemporary Middle East Punk Protest 18 Punk as Archival Method
3.15 3.45 PS20 In Search of Tito’s Punks (Barry Phillips, PWVA) 12 Punks Give Back: Punk in Trump’s America 25 Alchemy of Punk (working title)
3.45 4.15 51 Women Punk Creative Strategies 27 Icelandic Punk Rock’s Historical Role in the 70s and 80s 28 No Future: Punk in the museum
4.45 5.15 26 The Curious Case of Courtney Love: Punk Aesthetics, Feminism & Flirting with Dominant Culture 34 Ideology and Style: Tensions between politics and aesthetics in the punk scene of São Paulo 8 Assembly Required
5.15 5.45 17 “The Cord is Cut”: Exit Narratives of British anarcho-punks 1978-1986 9 Noise, Jam and Buzz as Art Form and Scene Marker: DIY Punk Cassette Culture in Socialist Hungary 8 Assembly Required
5.45 6.15 Punk and Post Punk Journal Introduction
7.3 Evening Event To Be Confirmed
13th December 2017 Punk Aesthetic Chair Punk and Society Chair Punk Prodcution Chair
9 9.45 Third Keynote Presentation The Purity of Punk: Fear & Loathing at the ROXY by Jane Palm-Gold
9.45 10.15 6 The aesthetics of French DIY punk fanzines : a zinewall. 36 A Study of Australian Trans-National Punks travelling internationally 43 What’s yr take on cassettes? Examining the value of tapes in punk archives Fest
10.15 10.45 14 The Devil is in the Detail: A Close Look at Punk Typography 2 Exploring the tacit environmental activism of Straight Edge Punk 31 DIY as Form: How Theatre Makers are Implementing DIY Practice as Compositional Techniques
10.45 11.15 22 Authenticity identity and X 4 Punk is Dead: Criticism and the Work of Mourning 42 “Put on your boots and Harrington!”: The Ordinariness of British Punk in Fashion and Social Realist Film
11.15 11.3 Morning Break
11.3 12.1 I am a cliché Paul Sng Celeste Belle
12.1 1 Panel Discussion Women in Punk
1 2 Lunch
Punk Aesthetic Chair Punk and Society Chair Punk Politics Chair
2 2.3 29 TBC 33 “It feels like summer in October”: A study of Gainesville’s 24 Lynch mobs and salami tactics: Post-Punk, northernness, and masculinity at the inaugural Ripper trial
2.3 3 50 Traces of Punk Aesthetics in Cinema 52 For a History of the French Punk Scene 1976 -2016 11 Suburban relapse: the politics of boredom
3 3.3 38 Punk Evolution 13 A Punk Garden 48 DIY Punk and Safe(r) Spaces
3.3 4 49 Recommended… turn the volume up and rawk the tin cans down”. Musicological Considerations on Punk 44 What we did was secret: Underground influences from punk and hardcore movements in the city of Madrid 53 ‘Drag is punk rock. It’s a big F-U to the status quo’: exploring the influences of the punk movement on drag culture.