Since its inception in 2012, the Punk Scholars Network has expanded its membership and activities through conferences, symposiums, publications, talks and exhibitions, whilst seeking to maintain its original aim as an international forum for scholarly debate.

The Punk Scholars Network has also held a long-standing commitment towards the nurturing of research; not only in terms of post-doctoral output, but also through pedagogical and academic support for postgraduate and undergraduate research students; whilst encouraging and supporting non-academics to pursue and develop their interests in punk scholarship.

The Punk Scholars Network is a non-financial organisation who actively encourage members to organise activities, under the banner and support of the Punk Scholars Network.

PSN Steering Committee:
Alastair Gordon – President (De Montfort University) Viral Age
Matt Grimes – Secretary (Birmingham City University)
Mike Dines – Chair (Independent Academic) Itchymonkey Press

Kirsty Lohman
Laura Way
Anita Raghunath
Russ Bestley
Pete Dale
Matt Worley
Roy Wallace

If you would like to get involved please email: punkscholars (at) gmail (dot) com